People usually think I’m a picky eater when they meet me, however if you knew me as a child you would most likely disagree. I’ve way more of an adventurous eater today. No matter how picky I’ve been at different times in my life, I’ve always loved being in the kitchen. We have pictures of me rolling out pie dough at age two. The first story I ever wrote was about noodles. I grew up baking for just about anyone and everyone. I have always loved preparing dishes for others, and yet I have never been your typical “foodie”. If you wonder where my eating habits come from, here is a glimpse into my family…

Dad: Likes meat. Doesn’t like anything white (I think this is an exaggeration, because the only things I can think of that fit into this category are mayo and sour cream. Oh, and yogurt!) Most things green (brussel sprouts, lima beans, guacamole, etc), or anything “weird”…not into trying new things.
Mom: Will pretty much eat anything that someone else prepares for her 🙂
Cailin: Gluten-free diet. Likes all vegetables except tomatoes (claims they are technically a fruit) and mushrooms (fungi). Allergic to walnuts, and stone fruit. Doesn’t like salad dressing or any other condiments.
Ryan Ring: Likes pretty much everything, but not into vegetarian “hippie” foods, although we got him to love hummus, because frankly, it’s delicious!
Meghan: Likes candy and sweets. Hates all vegetables.
Ryan Stroud: Lactose intolerant. Not much of a dessert guy. Loves ketchup on everything!
Kerry: Eats very healthy. Likes chicken and fish, but no red meat.

***I started this blog to simply write about the food I prepare for Sunday dinners, and post pictures, but it seems to be turning into more of a blog about the people in my life who are so dear to my heart*** Enjoy!


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