Today we celebrated Melisa, and the little guy we are all so excited to meet in a few short months. Her shower was just perfect. I have to say, everything I’ve ever received from her, I’ve opened and thought “oh that’s so Melisa”. Be it her wedding invitation, a thank you note, birthday card, or baby shower invite, it all looks exactly like what I would have picked out for her if I was the one doing the choosing. She knows herself well, and definitely knows what she likes. So, I was not expecting her to pick a sports bar for the shower, yet when I walked into the garden in the back I quickly understood the choice, and thought again, “beautiful, and so Melisa!”

It’s really special for me to see her preparing for this next stage in life. She is someone I have looked up to for years, and someone I like to think of as an honorary Moore sister.

This afternoon I was looking around, and noticing the different generations of friendships that came together to celebrate someone who is important to each and every one of us.

I don’t think I’ve ever said this out loud, but I’ve always admired Kris’ (Melisa’s mom) circle of friends. They have all followed each other. Meeting as young mothers in San Leandro, they all moved to Woodranch and then Greenbrook. Raising kids together, and now becoming grandmothers together. It’s really unique and seems pretty rare. I’ve never seen another group of friends follow each other in the way that they have. Her other friends (my mom included) formed in the dance studio we all started at as kids. But what I love most of all, is seeing that all these moms have stayed friends in the same way that their daughters have.

And yet, I’ve never compared us to them until now, but Melisa, Kristin and I all followed each other in the same way. From Danville, to LMU, to a short period in NYC, and then back home. Those girls were a huge part of the reason I chose to go to LMU in the first place. I visited Melisa during her freshman year, and decided that trip, that was where I needed to be. Looking back, I really don’t think there could’ve been a more perfect place for me to spend my four college years. We grew closer as friends, and having them on the same campus kept me from ever being homesick.

We have so many more years of get togethers to look forward to, and I can’t wait to see Meghan, Melisa, Kristin and Erin’s boys all playing together and forming the next generation of friendships. You are all going to be/already are amazing mommies!